Monday, July 6, 2009

Thank you Jacob

This beautiful Golden Blog award was given to me by
Jacob of Creative Confections.

Please check out his blog for an example
of superb poetry with the great subheading:
"Looking at life poetically".

The rules re: this award are:

1. Show the award in the blog.
2. Link back to the blog that tagged you.
3. Pass the award on to 8 blogs you love.
4. Inform the bloggers they have been tagged.

I am passing the award to the following:

1. Miroslav B. Dušanić
3. amatamari
4. Arma Zen da Tuca
5. focus
6. The Lines Between


  1. Miroslav bedankt sich offenherzig!

  2. Surprise and joy
    for this award!
    Thanks thanks thanks!

    The butterfly obtains
    But little sympathy
    Though favorably mentioned
    In Entomology -

    Because he travels freely
    And wears a proper coat
    The circumspect are certain
    That he is dissolute

    Had he the homely scutcheon
    Of modest Industry
    Twere fitter certifying
    For Immortality.

    Emily Dickinson

  3. Thank's Juergen! I just returned from a little trip now I get this nice surprise.
    I really appreciate it.

  4. I consider myself honoured by this award from you.
    Grazie, Juergen!

  5. Thanks again to amatamari for the excellent choice of the poem "THE butterfly obtains" by Emily Dickinson.

  6. And am one of those recipient from one whom you have bestowed this award. Very humbling especially if the origin of this award are notables like you. So it sounds. Thanks for being kindhearted and that is surely passed around.


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