Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Chicago to Vancouver 2010 - Slide show


  1. I like very much photograph it young rodents, I agree with you, your 4 months of abscence of the blosgophère were beneficial you. your views are magnificent. I also like the wink in hitchcock.

    Good juergen weekend.

    Jorge of Paris where the weather is beautiful.

  2. Thank you, Jorge.

    It's essential to go forward into a kind of every day life.
    So I am happy to have my photography as a motor of activity.
    My unpublished portfolio is generously extensive.

    Wish you a great atumn in Paris, Jorge!

    PS. Stay many times in Paris at Semaine du cuir, but ca 30 years ago...

  3. Juergen, thank you for having come and seen me,

    I am satisfied that you take back a sense in your life, the work about it is has to be the mainspring of the life, this is the way we live better and happier.

    I have myself many photo in archives but I leave the time,to return there because the glance sharpens in the fur with measure of the photographic practice.

    With regard to the quality, to your photos of your stay deserve certainly a case, have you think of the burb solution?

    I ordered my book on burb, to have a copy of it and to see if if their service is successful.

    Give me effectively your impressions of fotomoto.

    Ps I noticed that you possess three weblog, My goodness!!! I hurry to have a look for the free eye I go pass in a domain. Com this month to have more of traffic and visibility.

    Good end of the evening



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