Monday, April 2, 2012

Spring is back

Heart, my heart, let naught o'ercome you;
Bear your destiny and pain.
Spring will bring you back again
What the Winter's taken from you.
(by Heinrich Heine)


  1. Feine Foto-Poesie lieber Jürgen...

    Herzlichst Hans-Peter

  2. Ah, my friend, I didn't realize you were posting on a regular basis (or I forgot amidst the hectic days of my own life), but I'm glad I thought to check for the beauty of these photographs brings gladness to my heart.

    Speaking of my heart, we have indeed thought of you and your dear wife and your children often and we hope that you have found some resolution and comfort in these difficult times!

    Our love to you all.

    Lowell & Lois Anne

  3. es geht mir genau so, ich bin sehr glücklich deine bezaubernden Frühlingsbilder hier zu sehen, denn ich habe in den vergangenen Monaten oft an dich und deine Frau gedacht.

    Ich nehme die vibrierende Lebendigkeit der Bilder (das Veilchen hat sich wirklich "fast" bewegt !!) als gutes Zeichen

    alles Liebe und schöne Ostertage,



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